Satay Club


At Satay Club, our aim is to bring the delicious taste of satay into comfortable and family-friendly surroundings. We let guests enjoy a contemporary setting where they can choose to dine in cosy seats or watch their satay being prepared near the open kitchen. Minimal but classic traditional motifs are accentuated by understated design and décor.

More than that, Satay Club aims to revive the age-old art of cooking satay, from the many traditional spices and sauces to different kinds of game meat on offering. Our menu combines the three staple meats of satay – chicken,beef and lamb – served in set quantities of skewers. You can combine them with the classic peanut sauce, assam pedas or even a chilli-based soya sauce.

We combine these with the traditional sides dishes of cucumber, onions and rice cubes. You can even accompany them with our mouth-watering classic desserts. Besides our signature dishes, you will be spoilt for choices with our variety of local & international cuisine such as our favourite vegetarian banana leaf rice,wantan noodles soup and KLIA’s best grilled rib-eye steak and stir-fried specials, just to name a few. If you just fancy a light meal or snacks, you will definitely love our selection of salads, soups, sandwiches and appetizers.

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