Malaya Kopitiam


At Malaya Kopitiam, travellers will be able to explore Malaysia’s culinary history by tasting delicious homemade “kopi’ (coffee) and traditional recipes. From a hearty Malaysian breakfast of Kaya Toast or specially brewed White Coffee to authentic rice dishes like Nasi Lemak and Hainan Chicken Rice, there is something for everyone. Old hawker menu specialties such as Curry Mee, Penang Laksa, Tom Yam Bee Hoon, Wantan Noodle and Ipoh Chicken Kway Teow Soup will appeal to all travellers.

All these are served in a modern and relaxing environment.The use of real timber in the restaurant will enhance the feel of the past but the overall scheme is to blend it with the present in a cosy, contemporary way. Malaya Kopitiam will certainly keep the heart of Malaysia alive within an international hub of travellers.



Public Concourse, Miri Airport.

Tel : 085 – 612 315

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